We value discipleship at Rose City Church. Through the Christian practices of worship, Word and Table, small groups, and mentorships we are shaped as disciples of Jesus Christ. By gathering, growing and going we sustain our discipleship and invite others to join us. 

Our values of discipleship include:



Focused on the communal practice of prayer and spiritual disciplines.

Led by Lavon Gentry:



Family friendly group focused on prayer, Scripture and Christian life.

Led by the Downs and Davidson families: 

jen.alzos.downs@gmail.com // pastorsam@rosecitychurch.org


Focused on the exploration of young adult Christian life.

Led by Michael Wiltshire and Clare Ferguson 



We are developing a process of mentorships for all people of all ages at Rose City. By connecting each other with people ahead of us and behind us, we hope to develop long-lasting relationships. Through a mentoring program we will be able to help one another grow in accountability and discipleship. For more information on our mentoring program please contact our Servant Leader of Discipleship, Ian Bergland at ian.bergland@gmail.com.



Sunday School at Rose City is a weekly time of fellowship and learning. Set around fresh bagels and coffee, the class walks through biblical texts under the leadership of seminary-trained teachers. Built on the conviction that spiritual growth is fed by a deep study of Scripture, each stand-alone session explores the biblical texts and their various historical, social, and literary aspects.