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We Gather Together

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Rose City Church holds a weekly worship service at 10 AM on Sunday morning. During this time, we gather as a community to celebrate God and his love for us through music, reading and preaching of scripture, liturgy, holy communion, and a blessing to go out together. We believe this time of worship is an integral expression of our faith and an essential piece of our relationships with God and each other.

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Together We Grow

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Why do we gather if not to grow as followers of Jesus?

Rose City Church offers many opportunities for growth, including a process for discipleship, serving on various ministry teams, spending time together in communal meals, and serving outside the church.

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Together We

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Jesus tells us that there are two great commandments: Love the Lord, and love our neighbors as ourselves (Matthew 22). By gathering together, Rose City Church prepares to go together into our local and global communities to expand God’s kingdom and share the presence of Christ. One way we’re doing this is through Rose City Coffee, a ministry developed specifically to provide employment for homeless, transitional aged youth.

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